Date 24/03/2023 03:43 PM

Mattanur, Kerala, India



1. How many terminals does the Kannur Airport have?+
2. How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?+
3. Is a parent allowed to accompany a child travelling alone through check-in?+
4. Is there any child care facility at Kannur Airport?+
5. Is Wi-Fi facility available at the Kannur airport?+
6. Does Kannur Airport have a duty-free shop?+
7. What are the procedures of availing paid porter service?+
8. Is there any accommodation facility in and around the airport?+
9. What are the facilities available for special needs?+
10. Can pregnant women travel on domestic flights?+
11. Is there any waiting room facility at the airport?+
12. Does the airport have a money exchange facility?+
13. Can I carry medicines on board?+
14. Who do I contact if I have lost something at the airport?+
15. Where can I give feedback of the airport?+
16. Where can I make an enquiry of the airport?+
17. Do you have a visitor area at Kannur airport?+
18. Is it possible to drop off and pick up someone in front of a terminal?+
19. Does Kannur Airport have smoking areas?+
20. Does Kannur Airport have any medical facility?+
21. What is the left luggage facility at Kannur Airport?+
22. What if my luggage didn’t arrive at the finaldestination?+
23. What is the baggage size and weight allowed to be carried in a flight?+
24. How can I check the flight arrival and departure timings?+
25. How do I check routes and get timetable for flights?+
26. What are the details of car parking in Kannur Airport?+
27. Can I pre-book a car?+
28. How do I plan my onward route from the airport?+
29. What happens if the goods I purchase at the airport are faulty?+
30. Can I use credit card at the international airport?+



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